Senior Officer


 Senior Officer

Senior Officers may also be Liaison Officers for their regions and in addition they have specific responsibilities for key areas that are essential to the effective running of IRESC.  Senior Officers are expected to ‘go the extra mile’ and give a great deal of time and dedication to the organization, leading and motivating all other Members and Supporters in every way.  Senior Officers have administrator-level access to all of our systems and thus have executive control over the moment-by-moment activities of IRESC.

Any Senior Officer may place IRESC on an activation standing.  Senior Officers are expected to represent IRESC at the highest level with outside contacts, generating and/or contributing to documentation and development of all aspects of the organization.  They are expected to attend international meetings should these be held in their region of the world, as well as giving written on verbal presentations to major gatherings of emergency communications specialists.

Senior Officers must actively seek to bring IRESC to the favorable attention of the widest possible audience and are expected to contribute fairly to the ongoing costs that keep IRESC functioning.  Senior Officers will be long-standing and ever-present members of IRESC who possess the highest level of skill and experience in their particular fields of expertise in emergency communications.

International Radio Emergency Support Coalition (IRESC)

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