Liaison Officer


Liaison Officer

This special class of membership is reserved for those who are willing to represent whole countries or regions of the world, usually because they are based there.  Liaison Officers can translate from their local language(s) to and from English; they coordinate and represent other IRESC Supporters and Members based in their area.  Liaison Officers may need to take charge and direct IRESC activities if the focus is on their particular region.

IRESC also expects Liaison Officers to make contact and build relationships with professional and governmental points of contact in their home countries using their instinctive knowledge of local protocol.  Liaison Officers also provide the IRESC point of contact for radio amateur organizations in their own areas of the world.

Liaison Officers should be well-trained and conversant with all the IRESC on-line systems – they may be granted administrator rights to control such systems in certain circumstances.  Their role is exceptionally important to IRESC and therefore their ability to always promote IRESC in a good light with their local contacts is paramount.  Even new joiners can expect to be quickly elevated to this position if they live in an area of the world in which IRESC lacks good membership numbers or they speak languages that are particularly needed by our organization.

International Radio Emergency Support Coalition (IRESC)

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