When someone goes through our membership registration process, they firstly become a Supporter.  Supporters declare their interest in IRESC and emergency communications.  When they register, Supporters are urged to give as much detail as possible about the skills they have to offer.  This information is held in our secure database so that we may call on those skills if circumstances so dictate.

Supporters are granted access to the IRESC on-line system where they can share news and views with the whole team.

They are also encouraged to regularly check in to the IRESC Echo-link conference.  Because Supporters tend to come and go, there is minimal expectation on both sides of the relationship and thus their access to other IRESC on-line systems is limited.  If a Supporter is particularly active over a period, or they possess particularly important skills that IRESC needs, they can be promoted to full Membership.

International Radio Emergency Support Coalition (IRESC)

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