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IRESC welcomes members from anywhere in the world.  We are mainly an organization of Radio Amateurs, however you certainly do not need to be one to volunteer because we need a wide range of skills!  We are delighted when experienced people join us, but we equally welcome those that wish to develop new skills through membership – we conduct training activities and help is willingly given.  If you are interested in emergency communications, then IRESC is for you!

Among the skills that we need are:

·              Radio operators: good communicators, perhaps with Net Control Station experience

·              Administrators: handling traffic using database and web skills

·              National coordinators: willing to represent IRESC in their home country

·              Web developers: to keep our website and news services up to date

·              IT specialists: to maintain our servers and web-based systems

·              Language skills: people who can speak more than one language or who can translate from a language into English

We ask that you:

·              Have Internet access: to use our on-line facilities

·              Have reasonable spoken English: the administration language of IRESC is English, although the language used on-air will be determined by circumstance

·              Adhere to our principals of mutual respect and tolerance with regard to race, religion and culture

·              Be a dedicated and regular visitor to our facilities, willing to give your free time and effort when a major world incident occurs and through attendance at staff and training nets

·              Always represent IRESC in a positive and constructive way

Types of IRESC membership:

IRESC has a simple structure, led by a President and a team of Senior Officers.  Several other classes of membership exist, controlled by this guiding group.

International Radio Emergency Support Coalition (IRESC)

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