IRESC is a group of volunteers with a simple command structure. Provision of the IRESC service is reliant on volunteer effort and their personal equipment. It therefore cannot be guaranteed, although, as our membership rapidly grows, there is an ever-increasing likelihood that a call for assistance will be responded to.

IRESC has no financial aspect; it requires no payment for its services but by the same token it cannot pay for any facilities it may require. We do not seek sponsorship or donations. IRESC regrets that it cannot handle any monetary transactions, such as aid donations, on behalf of third parties.

Clearly, some elements of this service may rely on compatible radio systems and workable radio paths. We will always activate our networks on legitimate request but the complete speech links may take longer to establish. Users should always bear in mind that it is particularly important to identify a destination for data flowing out of a disaster zone.

IRESC will always pay the greatest attention to maintaining the sensitivity and privacy of any traffic that we pass. However, as with all Internet data, we cannot provide an absolute guarantee that information we handle will be fully secure from public scrutiny.

International Radio Emergency Support Coalition (IRESC)

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