To send information to IRESC Email: ireslcom at irescintl dot com

Provide IRESC with information about a current incident
Provide updates on information previously supplied
Request Health & Welfare information about specific individuals (we will try to obtain this from the disaster zone)

You MUST include your FULL NAME and an EMAIL ADDRESS by which you can be contacted.
Any further contact details, such as a telephone number, should also be provided. Your message can be dealt with more quickly if you supply as much detail as possible.

Your message will be reviewed by an IRESC database manager before being passed to our operational team. The use and forwarding of any information submitted are at the discretion of IRESC. Please be aware that messages can only be passed to and from a disaster zone if IRESC has been able to establish a path of communication. This may take time.

“Help Me” The Secrets of using 112 on a mobile phone in an emergency/accident

In event of an emergency 112 will put you in contact with the police or an emergency service please test the number, when the police or any emergency person answer tell them your name and that you are testing 112
Pass this information to all your friends and family 112 can save your life, Call it in 112,112 to go it can save your life

International Radio Emergency Support Coalition (IRESC)

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