IRESC Italy is already operating from the morning of 8/24/16 to ensure the correct radio link through the Operations Room of E.R.A. with IQ7ET name. The activities will be guaranteed 24h-24h until ceased need also on the HF frequencies provided in emergencies and on echolink conference * ERA * node 309198. The National Coordinator of […]

IRESC Spain respond To Italy

From the first moments of the earthquake in Italy was / Iresc Spain and pc cullera and voluntary association of civil protection valencian community still and this connected to digital systems and in communication with rescue teams In Accumoli and amatrice have died at least 27 people. In Arquata Del Tronto, a municipality of approximately […]

Disaster Preparedness Course

Disaster Preparedness Course Enroll Now Start August 29th 2016 Online 7 Weeks Course About this course: Have you ever viewed a news report depicting the aftermath of a devastating natural disaster? The damage to human life and property are both staggering and heartbreaking. All parts of the world face the possibility of floods, hurricanes, tornados, […]